Google will share your location and your battery status, how about that?


Google Maps now notes your phone's battery life when you share your location. According to a report by Android Police, the battery sharing feature has been around for sometime but was not visible to everyone. The new battery percentage information appears alongside the proximity of a contact, informing the user if their friend is charging their phone. That feature was retried in August 2013 but reintroduced into Google Maps previous year.

Google added location sharing to Google Maps past year, helping solve the problem of guessing how long it'll take for you to arrive at a restaurant (and whether your friends should go ahead and order without you). Knowing where they now are plus how much juice is left on their mobile device can definitely help the user get to their destination faster. That way, you'll know if their phone is about to die and stop updating their location. Well, one thing is definite - one can no longer lie about dead battery being the reason behind them not being able to call! Google is also planning to expand the new feature to other regions of the country and is seeking help from the government authorities for the same.

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The article "The First Google Maps War" by Frank Jacobs on February 28, 2012, explains how Google Maps nearly cause a war in 2010. The previous implementation was less accurate, however.

Click on location sharing from the menu. However, then a new feature was tested only in the web version of the map service and did not apply to the application.

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It remains unclear if the feature is rolling out worldwide, but Newsweek confirmed on Friday the battery-watching capability was both real-time and precise.

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