Is there something in the water? Arizona hospital has 16 pregnant nurses


There was a big surprise for the hospital's administration when the mysterious coincidence became known, but they are not anxious about the moment when the 16 nurses would be on the maternity leave.

Sixteen nurses who work at the same hospital are all pregnant at the same time.

16 employees of the medical center "Banner desert" in the U.S. Arizona was pregnant.

I was like, 'Oh, well, I didn't plan this.

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Some of the patients are noticing that so numerous nurses providing their care are carrying children.

The nurses say that they didn't realize how many of them were pregnant at the same time until they created a Facebook group chat, where members kept getting added.

Her pregnant colleague Jolene Garrow joked: "We all formulated this plan to have the holidays off". On the menu: pickles and olives.

All the nurses are eligible for 12 weeks of maternity leave-which would leave the ICU dangerously understaffed if there hadn't been so much time to prepare.

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These include tuberculosis, shingles or chemotherapy because of the radiation.

In fact, their colleagues are even throwing them a huge group baby shower next week.

The overalls reads: "Relax... my mother is a nurse banner!"

"We've been planning this for months, so we feel very confident that we're going to have plenty of ICU nurses to take care of patients", stated Heather Francis, Nursing Director at the Banner Desert Medical Centre in Mesa, Arizona.

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Well, good luck to them all, and to whoever has to come up with the rota over the next few months.