NCAA makes rule change, allows basketball players to have agent


The NBA and USA Basketball's compliance with the rules is crucial since the NCAA now expects them to change their course of action.

Particularly, the NCAA has made some changes to how it will handle the NBA Draft process on its end. While that may seem like a big deal on its face, the fact that it's.

A move like this will facilitate contact between NBA teams and high school prospects directly, while allowing the NCAA to retain its talent if players go undrafted after the league has selected its top 60 players in the NBA Draft. This change depends on cooperation with the NBA and NBA Players Association.

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Now, players can go through the draft and have the ability to return to school if they go undrafted, as long as they inform the school's athletic director by 5 p.m. the Monday after the draft.

The NCAA on Wednesday announced sweeping changes regarding college basketball eligibility, agents and other reforms in response to both the FBI investigation into alleged college basketball corruption a year ago and the April recommendations by the Commission on College Basketball.

Schools would be required to provided tuition, fees and books assistance to players who left early and wanted to return to school within 10 years. Athletes returning to school would have to demonstrate need for assistance.

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If coaches and staff are making any money off an outside company - like an "apparel company" - they will have to report that to their schools, too.

University presidents and chancellors will also now be personally resposible for their athletics programs abiding by the NCAA's rules.

The rule changes are a part of the NCAA's reforms in response to the college hoops corruption scandal. The new rules also allow for heavier punishments, like longer head coach suspensions and stronger fines.

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