'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Stems the Bleeding With Fix PUBG Campaign


Simply put, the game still has many unresolved issues.

The hotfix is one that players would've known is coming had they read the weekly community post from August 1 where the PUBG team acknowledged that console players were having some issues loading into the game in a timely manner or even staying in the game at all once loaded.

A game's tick rate refers to how often its servers are updated with new information.

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Loading Files have been repackaged to load more efficiently. In order to find the van, you'll need to keep an eye out on the Xbox UK social media accounts.

Fans and observers would say 6-12 months ago was the time to do something about it, before Fortnite arrived and ate PUBG's lunch (partly because PUBG, despite being the first big Battle Royale game, ran like trash), but it's better late than never, I guess. To address this, we've widened the angle of movement for sprinting diagonally. "Sudden hard changes in direction will still slow the player down (as it will break your tendons in real life)".

PUBG Corp. describes its plans for matchmaking as "a complicated system to build and get right", and therefore offers no promises about what will change. PUBG Corp. said "many of the improvements we'll be making to the PC version will naturally be carried over to the Xbox version of the game as well" and that it's "committed to fixing problems for all our players", so presumably PlayStation 4 players will also benefit.

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It continues: "Throughout this campaign we'll share specifics about what we're working on and the expected time it'll take to address the issues". There are, of course, tons of bug fixes both planned and already implemented.

Nico Bahary, the executive producer for the game on Xbox One, teased the experience was "smooth as butter".so does that mean we could see it release soon?

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