Surgeons Remove Contact Lens Lodged In Woman's Eye For 28 Years


Doctors detailed the woman's condition this month in the journal BMJ Case Reports, describing how an MRI revealed a the cyst that, upon surgical removal, contained the rigid plastic lens.

Is there anything more annoying than losing a contact lens? Instead, at age 42, she visited an ophthalmologist for what she thought was an unrelated problem: Her left eyelid had been swollen and drooping for about six months, and doctors could feel a small lump under the skin, according to a report of her case, published August 10 in the journal BMJ Case Reports. The doctors then surgically removed the cyst.

Although the injury did not affect vision women, ophthalmologists noted that this case shows how important it is to conduct a full diagnosis after damage to eyes.

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When surgeons discovered the rigid contact, it was intact; it appeared to have been perfectly encapsulated by tissue. Thereafter this patient never wore hard contact lens again. Apparently, the woman, then 14 years old, lost her contact lens at the time, and it was never found.

The same journal published a report a year ago on a woman who had 27 contact lenses lodged in her eye, which partly combined to form a "bluish mass".

Warning signs of a trapped contact lens typically include sharp or scratchy pain, light sensitivity and redness, but the woman had no symptoms once the shuttlecock injury healed.

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Doctors during surgery found 42-year-old British women contact lens, I which she held for 28 years without even knowing it, reports the with reference to Focus.

She told specialists she felt "a lot more comfortable" after the lenses were removed. The case was also reported in BMJ Case Reports. However, unfortunately for one woman, she had a contact lens stuck in her eye for 28 years, and she didn't know! The doctors assume that this drooping was due to the embedded contact lens, they wrote.

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