Trump details looser mpg regulations; states vow to fight


One of the administration's arguments against the 2012 rule is that the cheapest ways for auto makers to achieve fuel efficiency already have been implemented.

While many carmakers have touted their development of more efficient cars, including electric vehicles, auto lobbyists were quick to get assurances from the Trump administration that the more stringent rules would be dismantled.

Most automakers haven't had time to react to the proposal, but Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said the "proposed rule recognizes that assumptions made in 2012 about consumer preferences have fundamentally shifted in 2018". The administration's assertion that lighter, more fuel efficient cars are more risky has been disputed by transport experts.

Becerra said he was already preparing to sue the Trump administration and would be joined by 18 other state attorneys general, including Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and NY.

The EPA and Department of Transportation cited safety as one reason for the changes. But as consumers spend more on gas, the costs would start to balloon.

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More immediately, the administration believes that locking in the 2020-21 standards will save up to 1,000 lives on the road a year, because under the change it is projecting more Americans will be able to purchase newer, safer cars.

Just as significant, the administration is taking public comment on revoking California's Clean Air Act waiver for greenhouse gases. Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said this week that he would like to "come up with a 50-state solution that does not necessitate pre-empting California".

It's going to result in dirtier air and cost communities all across the country more money in dealing with the cost of climate change.

The Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards require automakers' cars to average about 50 miles per gallon by 2025.

Environmental groups in ME, which is among the states that adopted California's tougher emissions requirements for new cars, and around the country quickly denounced the widely anticipated move.

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Fuel efficiency is unsafe for drivers, the Trump administration claims. Under the Trump administration's preferred proposal, that would drop to 29.6 miles per gallon, a reduction in nationwide fuel efficiency of about 21 percent. Securing America's Future Energy, a group dedicated to reducing independence on oil, noted that vehicle prices have actually fallen 3 percent since 2013, even as overall inflation increased 8 percent.

Schwarzenegger's successor as governor, Jerry Brown, called the Trump administration proposals 'an assault on the health of Americans everywhere'.

What were the Obama administration guidelines?

That would price many buyers out of the new-vehicle market, forcing them to drive older, less-safe vehicles that pollute more, the administration says. They claimed the reduced standards would make new cars more affordable.

The Union of Concerned Scientists said the rollback is "completely unacceptable". The 10 other states and the District of Columbia that have adopted the tougher California guidelines would also be impacted by the White House move. "The data and science does not back up what they are trying to do, which is to eviscerate these California standards".

President Donald Trump's proposal also undercuts California's authority to set its own stricter emissions rules for the state.

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