Brett Kavanaugh: Donald Trump doubts sex assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee


One of the reactions to Christine Blasey Ford's request that the FBI investigate her claim that Brett Kavanaugh attempted to sexually assault her at a party back in high school has been that the FBI doesn't do investigations like that. Now, Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has responded, telling Ford's attorneys in a letter of his own that he is willing to make the hearing private, but not to delay it past September 24. Since she's told her story, she and her family say they have been subjected to what must be terrifying insults and threats.

"As a result of these kind of threats, her family was forced to relocate out of their home". In a letter sent to Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, Christine Blasey Ford's lawyers say the FBI investigation would serve as a first step in the process to their client testifying in public.

Until last week, Kavanaugh looked nearly certain to win confirmation in the Senate in a victory for Trump that would tilt the Supreme Court to conservative rulings, potentially for decades to come.

The FBI has told CBS News that it has included the allegation in Kavanaugh's background file, and is not opening any additional probe at this time, although the president could theoretically direct the FBI to undertake a further review.

Judge Thomas was narrowly confirmed and he remains a Supreme Court justice. Indeed, just the other day, Trump blasted the Federal Bureau of Investigation as "truly a cancer in our country".

"Monday is her opportunity", Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said yesterday, a line that was echoed by other Republicans throughout the day.

"But then for Democrats, and I saw this, respected Democrats saying, "oh, these Republicans have set this poor woman up to ... walk through a gauntlet on Monday". The invitation for Monday (Sept. 24) still stands".

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Hill, it should be noted, said in an ABC interview on Wednesday that "Absolutely it's the right move [to conduct an FBI investigation]" because the hearing questions "need to have a frame, and the investigation is the best frame for that".

Grassley's omission of Judge, who has denied an attack occurred, and other possible witnesses, drew the ire of Feinstein, the top Democrat on the judiciary panel that is considering Kavanaugh's nomination and held four days of testimony earlier this month, including hours of questioning of Kavanaugh.

They are also unlikely to agree on an alternative date and the hearing could still go ahead without Mrs Ford.

From left, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., Sen. "A simple denial is not the end of questioning". "It can be closed, whatever Ms. Ford wants", said Sen. John Kennedy, a member of the Judiciary panel from Louisiana. "I have never done anything like what the accuser describes - to her or to anyone", Kavanaugh said in a statement released Monday. Bob Corker of Tennessee, echoing a statement by Sen. He said it would be "wonderful" if Ford testified and "unfortunate" otherwise. I hope committee Republicans avoid this pitfall.

She also says Kavanaugh's friend at the time, Mark Judge, cranked up music in the locked room so her cries of protest couldn't be heard. "He wrote, 'And I have heard very few people say that limits on contributions to candidates are unconstitutional although I for one tend to think those limits have some constitutional problems'".

"The rush to a hearing is unnecessary, and contrary to the Committee discovering the truth, " Banks wrote. But that may be moot if Ford declines to appear. He has been meeting with White House officials this week.

President Donald Trump has again defended his nominee, saying it is very hard for him to imagine anything happened.

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"This is not a man that deserves this", Trump said.

Trump indicated that his patience is wearing thin, even telling political website that the scandal resembles what he called "the witch hunt" by a special prosecutor into allegations that he colluded with Russian Federation in his surprise 2016 election.

"So everyone said 'Let her speak".

Criticism like that fed a Democratic narrative that the GOP's handling of Ford could jeopardize that party's election prospects in the age of #MeToo, the response to sexual abuse that has torched the careers of prominent men.

Standing up for a fair hearing should not just come down to women, said Sen. "That's sort of the first thing that happens, it's the woman's fault".

Here's the situation: With six weeks to go before crucial midterm elections, Republicans, who already have a problem appealing to women, are planning a high-profile public hearing that risks reminding women of why that is.

"He's not happy, he's upset", Kennedy said.

Trump says no Federal Bureau of Investigation probe needed on Supreme Court pick
She said she contacted friends, who contacted more friends, and they had 65 signatures by the next morning. He has called the allegation against Judge Kavanaugh "a drive-by shooting".