Granny KILLS ‘monster’ alligator after it ATE her horse


She told local news stations that her horse - which she described as being the size of a labrador - went missing in the same pasture where the alligator had been.

"Don't mess with Nana", said Cochran, laughing as she spoke with a reporter.

It took just one shot for Judy Cochran to dispatch the 12-foot, 580-pound gator at her ranch Sunday in Goodrich, the Houston Chronicle reported.

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She killed it with one clean shot after hunting it for years at her ranch on the Trinity River. With that in hand, a friend rigged a large hook baited with a days-old raccoon carcass over the pond.

Cochran defended herself, saying the animal could have been a nuisance and threat to other community members.

The Texas mayor noted she had followed all the requirements for hunting the alligator, as outlined by state law, NBC News noted.

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The gator was probably all like: "Imma gonna eat this little horse, and what are you going to do about it?"

Judy Cochran who was recently elected as a mayor of Livingston, Texas, spied the massive alligator on her property after her son lured it with some seasoned racoon meat. "Typically, they'll do a death roll and roll over and over and over, but this one didn't". She's been trying to catch the killer every alligator season since, but the small window to hunt has made it a challenge.

The reptile is now in the hands of a taxidermist who will stuff and mount the head and tail for Cochran's office. "None of him will go to waste".

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