Jamie Dimon: I Could Beat Trump Because I’m ‘Smarter Than He Is’


"I'm not running for President", Dimon said in a written statement released within an hour of his original comments.

"And by the way, this wealthy New Yorker actually earned his money", Dimon said, according to CNBC.

The comments come at a JPMorgan-sponsored event where the outspoken Dimon was answering questions from a moderator about whether he would might be interested in throwing his name in the mix in a 2020 fight for the presidency. "I get frustrated because I want all sides to come together to help solve big problems", he said via emailed remarks from a JPMorgan representative.

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When previously disavowing any intent of running for the US presidency, Dimon has said he's not sure being a corporate leader translates well into the political arena. "It wasn't a gift from daddy", he said. "I'm not running for president", the statement reads.

The 62-year-old Dimon, who is said to be delegating more of his responsibilities to two senior executives, has been vocal regarding his views on issues including immigration, infrastructure and the economy. "I should not have said it", he wrote.

In January, Dimon claimed that Democrats can not beat Trump because they don't have a "strong centrist, pro-business, pro-free enterprise [candidate]". The usually affable Dimon leads the largest bank in the country with more than $2 trillion in assets and what Dimon has described as a "fortress" balance sheet.

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On Wednesday, Dimon announced that JPMorgan would spent $500 million for a new program to boost growth in several cities, including Detroit, Chicago and Washington. The company said its goal is to attract an additional $1 billion from outside investors.

Dimon later said he wished he hadn't said that, adding, "I'm not a political expert". It is in our best interest and the right thing to do.

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