Passengers screened after suffering flu-like illness on separate flights to Philadelphia


The CDC said in its statement that as many as 100 passengers and crew members reported feeling sick during the flight from Dubai. Here's everything we know about the flight.

Larry Cohen, who identified himself as one of the passengers on the plane, uploaded photos on Twitter showing dozens of police and emergency vehicles waiting outside the aeroplane on the tarmac.

The calls for medical assistance occurred after the passengers de-planed and while they were in Customs.

Health authorities said they were exercising "an abundance of caution" at Philadelphia's airport following the NY scare.

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A traveler in the business section of the aircraft, Raghida Dergham, said in an interview that sick passengers were in a "lower level" economy section of the plane.

"Passengers who are not ill will be allowed to continue with their travel plans, and if necessary will be followed up with by health officials".

The flight, which originated out of Dubai, made a stop in Mecca, which is now experiencing a flu outbreak.

"I was anxious (about getting sick)".

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A MAJOR incident has been declared at New York's JFK Airport following reports a plane has been quarantined. "I became anxious when they started to share that form to everyone and they're like, 'You're not getting off the plane until you fill that out and until you're being tested, '" he said.

The CDC said that about 100 had complained of some sort of illness: some with milder symptoms, some who needed to be hospitalized.

"There were Somalis on the flight", he said. Flight 717 originated in Munich, Germany and landed in Philadelphia around the same time.NBC Philadelphia reports that numerous travelers were returning from pilgrimages in Mecca, Saudi Arabia before boarding in Paris and Munich. I have no other information about the situation beyond that.

The BBC reported that food poisoning is suspected as a cause.

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