Saudi Arabia Detains Egyptian for Eating Breakfast With Female Coworker


While another Egyptian user, Sonia, called it a result of "fragile egos" amongst Saudi men.

Government regulations instruct that workplaces should ensure a separate setting for both female and males employees.

Saudi Arabia prohibits men and women who are not related from socializing.

"The Ministry of labor arrested Expat in Jeddah after he appeared in the infamous video", said the Ministry.

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Little did the man know that the video would land up him in a big trouble as authorities in Saudi Arabia has arrested the man for posting the video which showed him having a normal breakfast with his female colleague.

In a video widely shared on social media, the pair can be seen eating breakfast at a desk and waving at the camera.

Women are also not allowed to go about many activities without being accompanied by a male guardian - often a male family member. What seems to have enraged people more is the fact that the woman can be seen feeding the man.

The hotel owner was also summoned by authorities for "for failing to adhere to spatial controls for employing women", a labour ministry statement said.

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A number of videos have recently circulated on social media allegedly showing women and men breaching the kingdom's strict cultural norms.

"The woman should be punished first because she represents the morals of the women of the Kingdom".

Much of that is now changing under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who curbed the powers of the religious police in 2016 as part of ambitious social and economic reforms.

While most Saudi Arabians, including women, questioned why the women too was not arrested, Egyptians generally appeared to be surprised and confused by the incident and wondered how anyone could be arrested for what they regarded as an innocuous video.

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The ministry confirmed that it had "arrested an expatriate in Jeddah after he appeared in an offensive video".